THE PET PAD - Home from Home Pet Boarding


If you’re looking for a small, safe, clean & friendly accommodation for your pets, whether due to work commitments, holidays or other obligations, then look no further! We at The Pet Pad will care for your pets as if they’re our own, providing the same love, care & attention they are used to & deserve. 


All rates are based on 1 nights stay with fresh fruit, veg, hay, fresh water, access to outdoor runs & plenty of attention.
We request that owners bring their pets own dry food plus any favorite treats & toys)

-£4.00 per guinea pig (£3.00 per additional bonded piggy sharing)

-£5.00 per rabbit (£4.00 per additional bonded bunny sharing)

-£4.00 per Pygmy Hedgehog 

-£3 per small animal (hamster, gerbil etc) 

We ask that you bring their own cages & food. 

Additional Services: 

-£1 per cage per night Heated Pads for 24 hours of extra warmth 

-10% Discount will be applied for more than 14 nights stay. 

Pet Services Include: 
- Feeding 
- Exercising Rabbits & Guinea-pigs in outdoor supervised runs (weather permitting)
- Brushing 
- Administration of medicine 
- Litter tray cleaning 
- Transportation to vet (if required)

Please feel free to contact us for regular updates of how your pet is settling in.
I will also send updates & photo's via Email / WhatsApp where possible.

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